The New Contree serves as a scholarly voice and platform for instilling and disseminating local and regional history debate, and its value in broader contexts. New Contree’s intellectual repertoire compliments a rigorous theoretically reflexive social history in which inclusivity in reconstructing the past from “below” (ordinary people’s voice, and acknowledging smaller community activities) and also from “above” (be informed on related actions of for example central authority, government and national figures) matters. Change occurs through the interaction of major decisive events, and the rhythm of seemingly trivial, prosaic, and almost discreet courses of daily life. New Contree aims to publish high-quality academic articles which address research on an aspect of the history of regions and localities in Southern Africa in particular, but also in Africa and in other parts of the world, especially from a comparative angle. Any aspect of activity, topic or/and phenomenon in for example urban, rural, social, cultural, health, environmental, economic and political life locally, regionally, or/and in other global contexts are of interest. The New Contree also welcomes contributions on regions and localities, contributing towards, and emanating from, refreshed methodological, theoretical and historiographical views. Changing research approaches in local and regional histories to also facilitate community knowledge systems towards co-arriving at broader understandings for sustainable environments, are encouraged and scholarly reporting welcomed. Multidisciplinary-like research in histories on localities and regions – with a vision to also provide a comprehensive understanding through the methodologies of other disciplines – are accommodated, and encouraged. New Contree also supports review articles and book reviews that relates to regional and local history. Researchers from any academic institution are encouraged to communicate with the New Contree Editorial Advisory Board if they are interested to act as guest editor for a supplementary issue.

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