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dc.contributor.authorRaeder, Sabine
dc.contributor.authorSchalk, Marinus Johannes Dominicus (René)
dc.identifier.citationSchalk, M.J.D. & Raeder, S. 2011. Flexicurity gemeten: een vragenlijst over flexibiliteit en zekerheid voor organisatie en werknemer. Gedrag & organisatie, 24(3):286-303. []en_US
dc.description.abstractFlexicurity, the balance between security and flexibility, is an important theme in Human Resource Management in Europe for employers as well as employees (Freese, Paauwe & Schalk, 2009). A questionnaire was developed to assess perceptions of employees on security and flexibility, a Dutch version of an original Swiss instrument (Raeder, Wittekind, Inauen & Grote, 2009). Data of two studies are used to examine the structure of the questionnaire with confirmatory factor analysis. In addition, hypotheses on the influence of on the one hand expected and offered flexibility and security, and on the other hand commitment, turnover intention, leadership perceptions and life satisfaction are tested. The structure of the questionnaire was confirmed. The results support the expected effects of perceptions of flexibility and security on commitment, turnover intention, leadership perceptions, and life satisfaction. Using the instrument can help organizations to adapt or innovate their HR policies.en_US
dc.publisherBoom Lemma Uitgewersen_US
dc.subjectPsychological contracten_US
dc.titleFlexicurity gemeten: een vragenlijst over flexibiliteit en zekerheid voor organisatie en werknemeren_US

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