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    • Aspects of the modulation of cosmic rays in the outer heliosphere 

      Ngobeni, Mabedle Donald (North-West University, 2006)
      A time-dependent two-dimensional (2D) modulation model including drifts, the solar wind tennination shock (TS) with diffusive shock acceleration and a heliosheath based on the Parker (1965) transport equation is used to ...
    • Modelling of galactic cosmic ray electrons in the heliosphere 

      Nndanganeni, Rendani Rejoyce (North-West University, 2012)
      The Voyager 1 spacecraft is now about 25 AU beyond the heliospheric termination shock and soon it should encounter the outer boundary of the heliosphere, the heliopause. This is set to be at 120 AU in the modulation model ...
    • A study of cosmic ray anisotropies in the heliosphere 

      Nkosi, Godfrey Sibusiso (North-West University, 2006)
      The three-dimensional (3D) steady-state electron modulation model of Ferreira (2002), based on Parker (1965) transport equation, is used to study the modulation of the 7 MeV galactic and Jovian electron anisotropies in ...